Wu Yifan Finally Make First Step to Hollywood!

So, today there huge announcement that Wu Yifan will be join with the other Hollywood casts for Valérian and the City of a Thousand Planets movie!


Wu Yifan Studio Weibo Reposted Wu Yifan Weibo:
This will be a great honor to be working with one of the greatest director in the planets Luc Besson director, at the same time, it is very pleased to be join in  such star-studded lineup: Dane, Cara Delevingne, Mr. Ethan Hawke,  Mr. Clive Owen and Rihanna
Wu Yifan Global Fanclub Reposted Wu Yifan Weibo:
Congratulation XiaoYe #WuYifan for join in Luc Besson’s new project
Wu Yifan Reposted Luc Benson Weibo:
//@Mr_凡先生:Thrilled to be working with one of the greatest directors on this planet, Mr. Luc Besson. Also with this dream cast Dane, Cara, Mr. Ethan Hawke, Mr. Clive Owen, and the Diva herself, Rihanna
Luc Benson Weibo and Twitter Update
Excited to announce Kris Wu in Valerian! @Mr_凡先生@电影星际特工
Photo courtesy Luc Besson Weibo and Sina
Trans by Tara Lee

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