Wu Yifan Adidas Original 2016 Spring Summer kDulty English Interview

2016 ASS7

Hello Kris, we’re very happy to be able to interview you this time. First off please share with our kiDulty readers what you have been busy with currently.

As of late I have been busy with filming movies, I’ve also done some album preparations, the music will be more suited towards genres of my taste, for example hip hop, electronic music and modern rock. I plan to have some surprises for the fans who have been supporting me.

Firstly you’re a popular celebrity who has worked closely with Adidas Originals. Could you share with us when was your first experience with the brand?

It began since I was of a very young age. I first started wearing Superstar shell shoes when I had just started middle school.

Which aspect of Adidas Originals were you attracted to?

Firstly it’s very youthful, very energetic and lively, and at the same time it’s also a necessity amongst trendy people, for example simple T-shirts or sports shoes, their sports shoes really catch my eye.

Surely you must own many pairs of Adidas Originals sports shoes, which models do you have the most?

If it’s Superstar I have many colours, I have many pairs of ZX Flux running shoes at home too, and the recently launched Yeezy series which I really like.

Speaking of Yeezy shoes, as Kanye West is signed on with Adidas, his own line of signature shoes was the focus of attention, what are your views on these shoes?

Yeezys are very comfortable, and their structure and patterns are very simple but bring a fresh sensation to one’s senses. Also, the shoe tongue design differs from that of traditional shoe tongues.

How about Pharrell Williams’ music and fashion tastes? What do you think of those?

He’s a genius, there’s nothing that needs to be further said about his music, he’s really incredible. Since young I have always been listening to his songs. He’s also been a constant fashion inspiration in the fashion industry, with his own brand and own designs, he’s one of my idols when it comes to trends.

Did your time living abroad in the early stages of your life largely affect your preferences and hobbies? Could you give some examples?

It had a very large impact on me, since young I have been influenced by Chinese and Western culture, and I’ve a greater understanding of Western culture, hip hop music and hip hop attitude, and fashion trends have left a deeper impression on me, which is why right now I really like hip hop, and the reason why I’m making hip hop music right now. Also, the way I usually dress is very street style, very hip hop.

Please share with us the names of labels you love.

First and foremost I really like Adidas, because I have many Adidas sports shoes and clothes. After that is Supreme, I’m an avid collector, I have collected many Supreme clothes.

Many people say that in order to determine if one is a Male God is by whether he looks good with a crew cut. Could you tell us how you feel about having this hairstyle?

Very cooling and refreshing, saves a lot of shampoo. Actually I got this haircut for the movie role [Tang Monk]. But personally I like things that are new and fresh, I would get tired of continuously seeing the same hairstyle over a long period of time. So I feel that no matter whether the crew cut hairstyle is the determining test of a Male God or not, guys should all try this out.

Not long ago your Weibo verification message was, “Singer Wu Yi Fan, actually I’m an actor.” which is very meaningful. To you, is there one of them who is more important than the other? Which one takes precedence in the direction you aim to further develop in?

Actually no, in my heart both singing and acting is equal, they are both careers that I an very passionate about. To act is to portray another character, to interpret another person’s life as written in the script, whereas for music it’s more of a form of self-expression. They are both very different, but I love them dearly, and really hope to produce great works for everyone.

Who is the celebrity that you hope to work with the most, to co-star on media productions?

I like Leonardo Dicarprio a lot, if there’s the chance to, I would anticipate working with him.

Is there a type of character you’ve always wanted to act but have not had the chance to do so?

A character who is 4D, off the wall, and has many sides like me. (laugh)

We know you’re very skilled at playing basketball, have you ever wondered, if you could exchange tips with a basketball star, who would it be?

I really admire Kobe Bryant, can’t say that we can exchange tips, if I can play with him I will be very happy.

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English Trans by Becca