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Have you ever thought of cosplaying Sakuragi Hanamichi? Every time you practice basketball there will be countless Meigeni watching, what do you think about that, will Xiao Ye be shy about it? Also it’s very important for Fanfan to take care and rest.

He’s a manga character which I like, I feel that my hairstyle now is similar to his. To have everyone around while I practice gives me a large amount of encouragement, but I’m also worried for everyone waiting outdoors in this cold weather. It is especially encouraging when fans cheer whenever I make a basket, it gives a huge boost of motivation, and I’m rather touched.

Has the condition of your waist injury improved? How long will you be in Canada and when will you return to China? Do You have any special music-related plans for this year? When do you plan to release your album? How much weight did you gain? How are your muscles as a result from working out? Would you like to try a different style, to become more muscular? You’ve played the African drums before, do you still know how to play it now? When will you be able to perform this again if possible? Sorry for the many questions.

My waist injury has gotten much better, actually it was strained during the filming of a commercial, and then I didn’t really rest much and it became a little more serious. This time I have to be in Canada for a period of time, to film the movie <xXx3 Return of Xander Cage>. The plan for this year is to go step by step, there will be arrangements for music and films. Right now I have built up muscles, it’s in accordance to the current film role requirements, I will set aside time every day to work out, besides keeping in shape I also have to have to take care of my health.

What’s the most memorable part of training?

There isn’t anything especially outstanding while training, just have to keep focused on the ball, and later on heed the advice of the coach, and through coach’s guidance obtain a better sense of the ball. If you’d like me to say the words that left the deepest impression, it would be the encouragement and cheers that everyone gave me after practice, it was really touching.

Fanfan, during those times at 4am in Vancouver, were you lonely when you played basketball alone before the sun had risen? I would like to know, what did you think of the most during those times?

I didn’t feel really lonely during those times, I had a motivation within me. I would be thinking of basketball throughout, because at that time I had been influenced deeply by Kobe Bryant. He said he knew how 4am in Los Angeles looked like, so at that time I believed that as long as I worked hard, my dream would be able to become a reality. As such I thought that if I wanted to succeed like he did, I would have to put in my all into practicing basketball.

After this (NBA All Star Celebrity) game you will definitely gain some basketball fans, Fanfan in the future will you showcase/share more videos of your basketball skills? Do you have any plans to let fans of yours who like basketball to learn basketball skills and such with you?

I’m really happy that I now have basketball fans, in the future I will still hold on to basketball as a dream I will work hard for. Right now I have my own personal basketball charity project “Extraordinary Court of Glory”, which aims to provide children with proper basketball courts and facilities, so once this is complete, if I have the time to, I will personally go down to have a match with them, not for the sake of competing but for the sake of letting everyone experience the motivation and happiness that basketball can bring.

Congratulations for accomplishing your dream of ten years today. How did you feel upon seeing Kobe Bryant?

This is my first time seeing Kobe Bryant in real life, like the basketball fans in the audience, I followed his every move on court, even though it is his last time participating in the NBA All Star game, but his persistence and hard work will always encourage me.

Do you have any plans on combining your most beloved basketball, music and movies together? For example write songs which are related to basketball, or play the role of a character in a movie which is related to basketball?

Yes, if there is the opportunity to I will definitely try it out, putting my hobby, job and charity together is a really good idea. I like challenges, so in the future if I have the chance to I will do it.

Heard that you went to see the NBA Special Olympics game? How did you feel?

There’s too many feelings, firstly I was really touched, even though there were many players with disabilities, but when they were on court they radiated a brilliance and enthusiasm which left everyone shocked. The kind of fighting spirit where one does their best in order to win, that’s really touching, and being able to feel basketball at an even deeper level, I feel that from this day forth, even if I encounter difficulties in life, I just need to think of think of the many things I have overcome on court, me who has emerged victorious after challenging myself, and I would be filled with motivation.

How would you rate your performance in the NBA All Star Celebrity game?

Sorta pass, at first I was a little nervous, because in the past I used to play in the position of point guard, this time I’m playing center, I had to spend some time adjusting, get a feel of the entire game, then I let go, and Tracy McGrady also encourage me to rush forth. That was when I made a breakthrough. Although I felt that I could have done better, and have a little regret, but it’s only with some regret that one can improve the next time, I’ll be even more driven to play again next year.

Singing, songwriting, acting, modeling, playing basketball, doing charity, which one of these do you like the most? If you had the chance to, what else would you like to try?

I really like it all these, they’re all things which I want to do. I’m someone who really likes challenges, experiencing different ways of life, so challenging myself constantly and never stopping is what I have been doing, as long as there is the opportunity to, I will try it.

The Toronto Raptors joked on Weibo that because they like you so much, they wanted to offer you a 10 day contract. If you are able to become an official NBA player, which part of the NBA professional team would you be most interested in? Training style? How would you interact with the players? Game strategy practice? Or playing with official NBA players in front of tens of thousands of viewers?

I’ll be extremely overjoyed with everything, because I was 15 when I received professional basketball training, if I could really become a professional basketball player I would be accomplishing my most initial dream. Training and game strategy will have to depend on the arrangement of the players, listen to the coach’s advice, have to continuously practice and persist at it. I feel that the most important thing in a team is group work, not individual skill, but instead everyone working together in unity.

Do you think that Stephen Curry is currently the top player in the league? Why? How is the NBA now different from the past when you started watching it?

I don’t have much time to watch NBA these days, there are many amazing rookie players. The difference (between NBA now and then) has probably got to do more with my personal experience. When I was younger the main thing I looked at was players’ skills, perhaps now a large part of it brings back fond memories of my youth.

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