Kris Wu Updates from xXx3 Filming set

160420 DJCarusoTW

DJ Carusso twitter 1

#KrisWu wants this car. Should I give to him? #xxx3#xandercagereturns

160420 DJCarusoTW1

DJ Carusso twitter 2

@tonyjaaofficial@bisping@KrisWuKw the boys on the hood. #xxx3#xandercagereturns

Tony Jaa FB

160420 TonyJaaFB

Its always great when you work with a fun group of people, and the cast of xXx3 is really fun.

mikebisping Instagram

160420 mikebispingIG

mikebispingOn set with some of the team.

Source DJ Carusso twitter and mikebisping Instagram Tony Jaa FB

Posted by Tara Lee