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The Kris Wu Yi Fan in front of me is young and tall with a gentle expression in his eyes. His appearance is not one of a noble-born, but instead accumulated bit by bit, to create his present aura. With hip hop elements, trendy coolness, a royal’s demeanor, as long as you give it to him, this long-legged guy will be able to pull it off, he just puts every fashion editor at ease.

However, being born into a single parent family, schooled, moved and transferred schools in China and Canada, going to Korea to become a trainee, and eventually returning back to China, his growing up years were full of turbulence. “When I was young I did not have any sense of security, the environment I grew up in also did not feel safe. I also had the experience of frequently entering new environments suddenly, without knowing anything or daring to try anything. But it is because of these experiences that I have matured even faster, and push myself even more to get used to such a type of living.

While sitting on the sofa he told me, “Every experience is able to change a person.”

Moving from China, to Canada, to Korea, after growing up past his childhood youth, his sense of worth has hanged a lot. “I spent 10 years in China, 8 in Canada, 7 in Korea, and became the me I am today, which has enabled me to accept different kinds of people better.”

Wu Yi Fan previously hoped to become a professional basketball player, and his basketball idol is Lakers player Kobe Bryant. Wu Yi Fan remembered that Kobe Bryant once said that, he knew how it looked like at 4am in Los Angeles every day. But later on, despite his tall height and long legs, he did not grow up to 1.9m and along due to his ankle injury, Wu Yi Fan had no choice but to give up his dream.

Looking at this highly adaptable person before me jamming to the music so casually, I feel that Wu Yi Fan with his hip-hop style is what post-90s kids aspire to be like the most. His rebelliousness remains in his heart and is not revealed on the exterior, and the same goes for the risks he took and challenges faced.

In the past, he left home to go to Korea before he was 18, and he found out that his rebellious phase was shortened, “I was only rebellious for two years, and then I entered a very strict training system, and matured extremely quickly, to be familiarized with this society and this industry.” He said, time and time again I took risks, I have been very brave all this while. “Risk-taking and challenges happen every day.”

Q: Are you someone who has become brave after seeing the world, or are you someone who is brave hence you venture out to see the world?

A: “A mix of both, I’m a courageous person, with my past experiences, I’ve met different people, experienced different situations, different cultures, different environments, everyone has enriched my experience.”

During his time in Korea, Wu Yi Fan had cried. Those long seven years of experience brought about a significant change in him. He was no longer that youth who still held on to the dream of becoming a professional basketball player, but instead, had become a person who knew how to tackle adversities and pursue his own interests. “Adversities are what enable people to grow. If you say you are defeated, you would probably have nothing else, but if you persist, you will discover that you will never be defeated.”

Wu Yi Fan debuted in EXO, got popular, left the company, and returned back to China to develop his career. After several years, Wu Yi Fan became popular even in ways that he had never thought of before. “I don’t wish to become a celebrity, I wish to become someone with works of quality, be it movies or music. Gaining a following is very good, but I would like it to be long term, so this just can’t only rely on being a celebrity.”

Whenever others talk to me about Wu Yi Fan, there is a crazed expression in their eyes. They’d really worship him, view him as a major part of their lives. “Do you know how many fans he has? Countless.” All these are raved about by outsiders, but the Wu Yi Fan in front of me has no major reaction, just telling me with a hint of shyness, “Actually all this while I’ve never thought that I have a huge amount of fans.”

Till now Wu Yi Fan still feels that his fans are a “pleasant surprise”. His fans are called Meigeni (every one of you), because previously on his weibo he said “I like you, every one of you.” In his first movie <Somewhere Only We Know> he named his character’s daughter NiNi after them. “There’s never a place I have been to that has no Meigeni, wherever I go they will always be there, my heart is very warmed.”

After returning to China, we can see Wu Yi Fan develop in many ways to become a better actor. He did not oppose to the kiss scene in <Somewhere Only We Know>, he wasn’t afraid that fans would be heartbroken over this, and he too acted in a role which was very different from himself, a wealthy second generation speed racer. In addition, he acted in <L.O.R.D>, <Never Gone>, and <Journey to the West: Demon Chapter>, in the process trying out different kinds of roles.

When <Mr Six> started filming, Wu Yi Fan did not know how to grasp the role of the sunglass-wearing, silver haired Xiao Fei. Director Guan Hu told him, you don’t have to act, you just have to sit there, and you’re him already. Even though you don’t have such experiences, you have to believe that you have. “So, I went to try it out. The important thing was that I really liked the role too. This kind of lifestyle is very cool, for example drag racing, being very manly, I couldn’t do it now but this movie fulfilled that wish.”

He sped into gear after that. “The main character Cheng Zheng in <Never Gone> is also quite similar to me, he’s quite childish, very hot blooded, at times will be very excited, but very single-minded, he will wait for one person for a long time.” Stephen Chow said, Wu Yi Fan is a person who is naturally suited for comedy, hence in <Journey to the West: Demon Chapter> he was casted as Tang Monk. “I really wanted to try all kinds of roles, including the antagonist and comedic roles.”

He is very aware that this internet era has strongly propelled his development, and he too knows that in this era, the repost rate (amount and rate at which news spreads) could possibly be detrimental to himself to. “This is a double edged sword. As a public figure, I always remind myself, I have to be up to standard, I have to present skills which can prove myself.” Some people may say that Wu Yi Fan has abandoned the singer side of him? It is not the case. “I seek perfection, especially when it comes to my own works, it has to be perfect then it can be shown, it can’t be haphazardly done. Otherwise this would be a form of disrespect to the people who like me.”

Your appearance looks cold and aloof, but you’re actually softhearted and cute, how did this contrasting difference of personality come about?

I’m naturally like that. I feel that every person has many sides, perhaps the first impression I give to others is that I am kinda cold, but after getting to know me, they would find that I am a rather crazy little kid, cold on the outside but warm on the inside.

How crazy are you when you are crazy?

Very crazy, the kind of crazy with totally no idol image.

Why do you want want to play the role of the antagonist so badly?

The antagonists always have their own stories, ulterior motives, a lot of things going on psychologically.

Are you a person who cracks lame jokes or funny jokes?

Lame jokes. I don’t tell any lame jokes, my actions are so lame to the extent that people think they are funny…

What kind of girls do you like?

Like an angel, very kind, very good, very filial

How about appearance?

As long as I find her appearance pleasing to the eye, it’s good

If you’re wooing a girl, how would you go about doing so?

I’ll send a confession message or such. Like, do you think I’m alright, if you like me let’s get together, something like that, actually it’s not romantic.

Will you go public with your relationship with your future girlfriend?

Depends on the situation, if I really have a girlfriend I’d want to respect her thoughts. But as for me, if I have anything, I will definitely want to tell everyone, I hope that everyone will grant their blessings.

Which part of a girl do you pay more attention to at first?

I’d probably look at her eyes; the rest is like my mother said. Personality wise, I hope that she is considerate and understanding, able to be understanding of my job, and definitely has to be filial!

English Trans by Becca

Posted by Tara Lee