Kris Wu; My Day in London

Kris Wu’s first time on the runway ; 24 hours with Vogue

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Kris Wu, being the first Chinese celebrity invited by Burberry to walk the runway, arrived in London a day before the show to make preparations. We invited Kris Wu to record this interesting and fresh experience in his point of view. We only have to say that “Xiao Ye”’s charm is incomparable!

Without much further ado, let’s quickly proceed along with Kris Wu, let’s have a look~

160112 VWCL25

The first fitting began shortly after reaching London. Looking forward to the clothes they have prepared for me!

160112 VWCL29
Right now it’s several hours away from the show, but there are already quite a number of people outside the show venue~

160112 VWCL26Seeing that there are so many fans upon arriving at the venue gives me a feeling of warmth and excitement.

160112 VWCL28
How did I feel just before the first time in my life walking on the runway? Anxious, anxious, anxious! But I won’t let you guys see it from my expression, haha~

160112 VWCL27
The best way to combat anxiousness – is to have a meal. Actually from last night till now I haven’t really eaten at all, I’m so hungry!

160112 VWCL21

After having enough to eat and drink, I ought to get back to work! Thanks to the makeup artist and hairstylist for their hard work in creating my look. Because of the time difference, I’m kinda tired…

160112 VWCL22

While having my makeup done, I enjoy chatting with to the staff nearby, the most important thing is to stay handsome at all times, in case my photo gets taken without me knowing!

While having my makeup done I won’t forget to snack, hahaha

160112 VWCL23
I have to say that before going on the runway I’m quite nervous, this isn’t the same as other performances on stage.

160112 VWCL24

I’m on the runway for real! I was really excited but time flew by extremely quickly. Really wish I could continue having more fun!

I’m always a little nervous before going onstage each time, but the moment I’m on I’ll completely forget it, it feels so thrilling!

160112 VWCL30

Hahaha! My kind manager specially kept a copy of the stock outfit photo as a memento!

160112 VWCL20
Thinking about it, since arriving in London I haven’t gotten a proper look at the city, I really wish I could stay a couple more days! Don’t wanna work!

160112 VWCL14

Quickly snapping a shot! To be shared in my Wechat moments with everyone.

Alright. After calming down I’ve returned to reality, next up will be a series of interviews.

Speedily changing outfits, I really love this season’s Burberry! Love every outfit!

160112 VWCL11

Because of work I have to travel a lot sometimes, but upon seeing familiar faces of media personnel, it feels like home.

160112 VWCL12

I was really elated about this picture! Christopher Bailey is one of my favorite designers. I was a little excited upon seeing him this time in real life.

Of course, taking photos with the models after the Burberry show is a must~

160112 VWCL13

This debut on the runway ended perfectly! Right now I really wish to have a huge meal…

Never would I have thought that in London I would have the chance to see so many lovely fans, everything was really worth it!

Each time going to a different place, having a new encounter, enables me to have one more experience. Even thought time time was really short, but all this accumulated bit by bit has made me feel really satisfied.

Next up is dinner time!

Conversing with these two jiejies made me really happy, and I am very thankful to them for their care towards me.
After being busy all day, I will be going back in a moment to rest. Goodnight~~~

Source Vogue WeChat

Trans by Becca

Posted by Tara Lee