Wu Yifan SOWK Guangzhou Media and VIPs Premiere

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Wu Yifan Weibo Update, “2.10 Love and Dream, Go Home With Me”

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明天我主演的第一部电影#有一个地方只有我们知道# 就要公映了,我都还没完整的看过,期待又紧张[偷笑]熟悉的街道,无声的拥抱,有太多珍贵的回忆和收获,更有太多需要努力和进步的地方。电影告诉我们,爱是一切,爱是你。于我,这是梦想实现的时刻,也是去实现梦想的开始。2.10 爱和梦想,跟我回家[心]

Tomorrow, my first movie Somewhere Only We Know will released, I haven’t watch the movie fully. (I’m) looking forward to it and nervous too, familiar streets, wordless hugs (You Yi Ge Difang lyric) holds many precious memories and result (of his hard work) and still there many areas (I) should work harder and need to improve. The movie tells us that love is everything, love is you. To me this is the time when my dream is comes true and also the beginning of creating the dream a reality. 2.10 Love and Dream, come home with me.

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Wu Yifan Weibo Update, “My Cold and Aloof Joke is at Risk!”

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今天车限号[挖鼻屎]只能开飞机了 然后我好奇的[害羞]问空姐说 “您好,请问小型飞机也会颠簸吗?” 她好真诚的[呵呵]对我说 “会呀 因为我们飞在同一片天空呀” 然后她就欢乐的笑了好久…我静静的看着她 心想真的有这么好笑吗…. [喵喵]突然感觉自己的“高冷”位置不保[doge][doge][doge]

Due to the vehicle’s restrictions, today we could only fly, out of curiosity I asked to the stewardess, “Excuse me, may I know if we ride with small plane could be bumpy?” She earnestly replied, “It could be, because we fly at the same sky” after that she laughed for quite some time. I silently watched her and wonder is there something really for to laugh this much … Suddenly I think my ‘cold and aloof’* joke is at risk

*note: he refer to his joke he told during day day up recording. at that time he told that he has very funny joke then he stood still. while everyone confuse about what he was doing, Xu Jinglei explained that him standing still was the joke it self.

another note is, Yifan didn’t ride the plane for real, he was messing around. Today, SOWK team went to Shanghai for SOWK media and VIPs movie premiere and they went there using private jet! Beside him was also Wanglikun who posed at cockpit 150203 SSMPC1

and another photo taken by SOWK staff, can you spt our giant baby? 150203 SSMPC

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Wu Yifan SOWK Beijing Media and VIPs Movie Premiere

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Movie Review

1. Watched “Somewhere Only We Know”, pure romance movies aren’t me cup of tea, but to rate it comparatively with the limited similar genre movies in China, I’ll give this movie four stars, Lao Xu matured a lot, the movie isn’t rushed, the pace dealed with very stably, the director knew what she was doing, also precise with (choosing) he actors, Wu Yifan Wang Likun this older sister-younger brother relationship has to be convincing, it tests the director’s skills, Lao Xu did it (well).

2. There’s a place that only we know. In the bloopers there’s a scene that flashed by, behind the minotor, Xu Jinglei couldn’t stop crying. She said that this piece of work is dedicated to her grandmother, I understand that well. Those people who left, they must be together again in another place, kissing and hugging, the sunshine must be great, that is the greatest comfort. Cried many times in the dark, for the things I’ve lost, when we meet again, everything is different, worth trying to fight for again and again.

3. “Somewhere Only We Know”, this is a movie filled with love, Xu Jinglei is sharp, Wu Yifan’s small expressions filled people with surprise. Very touched, the people that aren’t together, they’re the wrong person, the right person, you won’t lose him. There are too many imperfections in life, but, there will always be a piece of true love just for yourself, it will be waiting for you at the front……

4. The acting was well done very charismatic, little fresh meat Wu Yifan’s gaze was hypnotic, Wang Likun’s journey in Prague was bound to be a romantic mystical journey. Wang Likun’s performance told us: bare-faced is also something beautiful, straightforwardness is also something beautiful. The background music of the film “bai zi ming” made the film full of zen and nostalgia. Sometimes, love is a form of remembrance. On the road of love, take care!

5. Director Xu’s new film “Somewhere Only We Know”, will let the people who don’t believe in love sit still and finish watching it peacefully. In the film the cinematography is meticulous, choosing to use Smetana’s “My Fatherland” as part of the music, made people nostalgic. Using an old English song “Right Here Waiting” to finish the movie off, the nostalgic feeling overwhelms. Teacher Congshan still has it. Wu Yifan’s hardwork proved that, he doesn’t only have a pretty face.

6. My idol of many years Xu Jinglei actually asked me to watch the premier of her new movie “Somewhere Only We Know”, touched + surprise. Perseverance, the love story of two generations: I rather believe that, at some place, the person you miss, they’re all together; even if we’ll never meet, I still wish you well; those that aren’t together, they are the wrong ones, the right person, you’ll never lose him. Feb 10th showing throughout the country, at the end there are bloopers.

7.Until now my cheeks are red and my heart is still pounding ah ah ah ah! A blockbuster of true love! The random pretty girl beside me, after seeing Wu Yifan, she kept saying “so good looking so good looking”, even made me shy! I really want to be in a relationship~

8. No matter where, love will keep us connected. No all love stories will have an ending that you want. But, if you’ve met (him/her) then don’t let the chance pass you by. When you’re watching the movie remember to bring tissue paper to wipe your tears.

9. Somewhere Only We Know finally premiered. Feels quite good, the whole film was filled with the pretty scenes of Prague, but what cleanses the eyeballs more are Wu Yifan and Wang Likun’s brand new silver screen couple, sunshine youth plus bare-faced beauty, their acting skills are naturally cute, filled with natural light. The theme of the movie is beautiful as well, there is responsibility in love, have to be together.


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