Kris Wu in Rio IG Updates; “Juice 7 Millions Plays!”



  • rio662One week out for the #juice and over 7 million plays. Glad everyone is liking the product. Kris worked very hard on this one and it’s only the beginning. Congrats to him and everyone involved on the project. Download Juice. Link is in @galaxy_fanfan bio. #xXxfilm #soundtrack #KrisWu #2017


Kris Wu Weibo Update; “Go and Watch.”




Go and watch this post >>

Kris Wu studio reposted:

#吴亦凡##吴亦凡july# Dance version. 请点击下方传送门
Kris Wu July Dance Version. Please click link below to watch the video
Kris Comment on his own post:
Mr_凡先生:潜水来看看[嘘] (Come over here to inspect secretly)

Kris Wu Instagram update:

you knw’ what it is🔥🔥 enjoy🚀

*Go and check Kris Wu July music page for more photos and videos