Kris Wu at Tokyo International Film Festival


Today Kris Wu attending Tokyo Film Festival to represent Mr. Six. He was there alongside Director Guan Hu and other Mr. Six casts. Sweet Sixteen was also screened in the TIFF.

Photo courtesy weibo posts. 

Wu Yifan at Lao Pao Er – Fading Wave Movie Press-conference


On Saturday 2014, December 12th, Wu Yifan appeared at the first press-conference his third movie in this year, Lao Pao Er [Fading Wave] in Beijing. Styled in all black with high white sock, the rising star looked stunning as usual. Standing alongside with the senior casts, the rockie said that was honorable to be in the movie team. His hope that he can learn as much as possible from all the senior actors.

Not long after, Wu Yifan updated his weibo,  he forwarded from Fading Wave official weibo with additional caption saying “After meeting (with fans) on Valentine (Somewhere Only We Know premiere) (we will) meet again on Christmas.”

Fading Wave set to be release by 2015, December 24th.

Meanwhile check out the stunning photo of Yifan during the press-conference below.


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Photo Credit Various Weibo Outlets and Fansites

Written and Posted by Tara Lee @ Mr. Galaxy Fanfan’s house