Kris Wu Behind the Flashing Lights; An Idol’s Weariness and Rebirth

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19 December 2015. After numerous days of communicating with difficulty, Orange Entertainment received the chance to follow Kris Wu Yi Fan and shoot him continuously. As a result, this report came about. This is the first time that the day to day life of Wu Yi Fan, this year’s most followed star in the Chinese entertainment industry, is fully revealed to the public.

When we first laid eyes on Wu Yi Fan, he clearly looked tired. A week ago, he has awoken at 3am, to shave his head for the last time in order to film his new movie <Journey to the West: Demon Chapter>. Several days later, Wu Yi Fan began participating in the roadshow promotions for movie <Mr Six>, having to travel to nine cities within the span of eleven days. Two days ago, he recorded programs in Changsha and Macau, which took up close to 12 hours a day per day of recording. Yet today, he made an appearance in Beijing once again.

1:30-3:30pm Catching up on sleep while having makeup done

At 1:30, Kris Wu Yi Fan arrived at Feng Xiaogang’s studio, having come from the airport. He had to do an interview here at 3:00, and while the staffs around him were eating, Wu Yi Fan was napping. In comparison to eating, catching up on sleep was even more important to him. At around 2:00, a staff member woke him up to get makeup done… But he appeared not to be fully awakened yet.

A while later into doing his makeup, Wu Yi Fan appeared to be a little more alert, we approached him and explained our reason for coming, at the same time showing him some of our sample documentary photos. He took a glance and said, “I like this style.” The person beside him added, “This can show a different, elegant (feng cai) side of you.” Wu Yi Fan pushed his chair back, uncrossed his legs and said, “I’ve already shown my “crazy (feng)” side, where I would have any more “talent (cai) left to show!”

After his makeup was completed, Wu Yi Fan finally had the time to eat lunch. Not long after he just started, noises could be heard from the outside of the makeup room, indicating the arrival of media personnel. When a staff member asked Wu Yi Fan on his state of preparation, and even told him that he could finish his meal before giving a time, he said: “No problem, I can skip meals anytime.”

Taking off his jacket, Wu Yi Fan began to pick his outfit for the day. At this point, we could sense an artiste going into work mode, the Wu Yi Fan right now began to have a more serious facial expression.
There is a small scar on the back of Wu Yi Fan’s head; he got it this year when a car door hit the back of his head. Like the image of himself on the <Mr Six> poster, Wu Yi Fan chose to show his bare head, without donning a hat or wig.

3:15-7:35pm 4 hours, 8 media channels, 10 minutes of rest, 20 minutes of interview

At 3:00, Kris Wu  walked into the interview room.

That afternoon, his time was spread out in sessions of 20 minutes and 10 minutes. 20 minutes interview with one media outlet, with a 10 minute break in between. During the course of the interview, Wu Yi Fan rarely crossed his legs; when others were responding, most of the time he kept his head down, looking at his hands, remaining extremely quiet.

Facing some of the media requests, Wu Yi Fan is quick to comprehend them and they rarely have to repeat themselves. But Wu Yi Fan would hardly deliberately express something, he just merely relies on his inherent manner of speech and emotions to complete (the request), leaving you feeling that he seems to be keeping some things a mystery.

<Mr Six> is his second movie, after returning to China for 18 months, he has already filmed 7 movies. The first time, he was a single father, and this time he plays the role of an antagonist, which repents for his ways later on. Director Guan Hu told reporters, “In the movie, he transformed from a boy into a man.”

On that day, practically every media outlet asked him this question: his feelings when he was acting with Feng Xiaogang. Kris Wu Yi Fan said, for quite some time I had not been able to look at Feng Xiaogang straight into his eyes. But in reality, in the movie, he managed to do so. When he was young, his dream that accompanied him was to become (a professional basketball player) like Kobe Bryant, later on becoming a metrosexual guy after turning 17. But what remained by his side was (dreams of) film industry seniors like Feng Xiaogang, because he desired to be an actor.

Because of the large number of media personnel, Feng Xiaogang’s studio which was temporarily used as an interview room, became heated up and dry. During break time, what the make up artist did the most was to give Wu Yi Fan eye drops. His aide, a slightly plump man with stubble who continuously brought cups of water, was always carrying a large backpack, never setting it down.

The other staff at the venue seemed to all look busier than Wu Yi Fan. They always seemed to be taking into consideration, making sure of the things that could possibly happen and could suddenly happen, and were very anxious. In real life, Wu Yi Fan was not always the center of everyone’s focus.

As of 4:30pm, Wu Yi Fan had accepted a total of 8 media sessions. In the middle of it all, Wu Yi Fan merely made one request, that a written interview where lighting and video was not required to be done in the resting room, because he felt that it was more comfortable that way. But the staff still advised him to return to the studio, because that was a more central point of focus. Wu Yi Fan accepted, even when it turned out to be as such, he still laughed happily in the interview room. That was his last interview for the day.

Not speaking a word on the van

The interviews ended at 7:35pm. He got onto the van, next up having to go to several cinemas. On the van he only did one action: push back the hood of his down jacket, and he soon fell asleep.

8:20-11:00pm 6 cinemas, 15 minutes

In the cinema, the MC asked viewers what kind of role they would like Wu Yi Fan to take on. They replied in unison: psycho. I can guarantee that in that moment, it was the happiest that Kris Wu Yi Fan first laughed all day.

At 9:00pm, we stopped following him. Later on we came to know that that day’s events ended at 11:00pm. That night, he had made rounds of 6 cinemas, spending 15 minutes at each stop.

11:00pm End of Event

During the course of this whole day, whenever he was not working, Wu Yi Fan would take hold of the opportunity to catch up on sleep. He did not use his phone much, and rarely initiated conversation with people around him, and made even fewer requests. During rest time, he was even more willing to allow himself to drift off, closing his eyes to rest them briefly. You completely cannot bear to nor think of disturbing him. Or perhaps he is really too tired. When facing the media and fans, he is once again shy, modest, and at a loss for words. What is surprising is that, from start to end, he did not yawn even once. On this day, behind the camera, he is a mature man, and in front of the camera, he is a big boy.


After following Kris Wu Yi Fan for a day, we did not have the urge to ask him any questions suddenly, but when the day came to an end, I suddenly thought of a question: What exactly is the most genuine feeling of being an idol?

It is hard for a celebrity not to be swayed, because there are always others’ views that will be enough to overshadow one’s own voice, but Kris Wu K could possibly make a change. We can completely envision the power of this person’s inner strength – extreme happiness, struggle, tiredness, and compromise. Even though he possesses natural talent and good looks, he set aside others’ expectations and fans’ fantasies to be his true self, a task which is not as easy as it seems. Those days of working without rest, tired out with reversed days and nights, all the hard work that he has forked out is not of an ordinary level. This, to him, is no doubt a rebirth. In everyone’s lives, perhaps they all go through a time like this, where you have to take a risk in which everyone would doubt in. What you need to do is to do your best, so as not to leave behind any regrets.

“The grass is greener on the other side.” Every year, people in the entertainment industry would attempt to replicate the miracles that Wu Yi Fan has achieved. Those mass-produced “fresh meat” have given their lives up to fans, management companies, to their looks which age with every passing year. Without a doubt Wu Yi Fan is lucky, at the very least, he has grasped hold of fate’s throat (has control of his life).

Source Orange Ent

English Trans by Becca

Posted by Tara Lee