Wu Yifan Weibo Update, “I don’t Like Selfie”




In order to take candid photo of those two who were behind me, I am who do not like selfie have to work hard ah



Wu Yifan Weibo Update, “Duizhang (Captain) is Back”


#8.28队长归来#这个话题是什么鬼?这个新闻又是几个意思?呵呵呵!知道你们舍不得我我就放心了!我们《全民突击》见 O网页链接
What kind of hashtag is this? What kind of news is this? hahaha! Knowing that you guys couldn’t be part with me is reliving! Let’s meet in [WeFire] (WeFire was Yifan’s new endorsement. It was an online game developed by Tencent)
Wu Yifan Studio Weibo Update
150829 OFCS
Another angle, experience it yourself

Wu Yifan Weibo Update, ” Posting a Photo of New Family Member”



Here, posting a nude sleeping photo of new family member, guess who is the name? Note: no prizes for right answer and punish yourself if you guess it wrongly. Handsome/beautiful, willful.

Yifan’s comment:

//@Mr_凡先生:哇 抢个地板 一起睡吧[作揖]

Wa, grabbing the spot on the floor to sleep together

Chen Lizhi’s comment:


It’s late… but I guessed it right