Wu Yifan Interview for YOHO!Trends Magazine 2015 December Issue

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Since young you have been to different countries and cities to learn and grow, as for these places you have lived in, how do you think the trends of youths are different?

There are different trends and cultures in each country, so the youths in different countries have different ways of acknowledging and understanding trends. Fashion picked up in China a little later, but currently there are very amazing trends that have appeared and YOHO! has strongly supported these people who shape our culture. The trends in Canada and Korea are also vastly different, Canada is more Hiphop, the sense of trends are stronger, and for Korea the trends place colour and design of clothes as utmost importance. Trends are a part of fashion and a way of expressing oneself, so one can follow fashion trends but only when they understand themselves, then only are they able to become a stylish person.

Becoming Yoho!’s spokesperson has garnered a strong response, working with Yoho! this time, what is your most memorable feeling?

YOHO! is currently very experienced in the Chinese fashion industry, and has created a very good platform for budding (designers) that want to develop in the fashion industry. Currently more and more people recognise (the importance of) fashion trends, and in this aspect YOHO!’s contributions are worth toasting about. As for working with YOHO! I will not only merely be their spokesperson, later on we will have even more surprises for everyone.

When did you start liking fashion trends? Do your preferred styles change with time?

When I was in high school I gradually started getting to know and take a liking to trends. The culture overseas is richer and usually I would be kept up to date with news of trends, so I was influenced, and naturally came to like it. My own preference of style will follow what my heart feels and changes as such.

If you could publish your own special column in YOHO!, what would readers be able to see in this section?

If I had my own special column I would share some of my opinions with regards to trends along with some insights.

Which label do you own the most number of items from? Roughly how many items do you own from the aforementioned label?

The items I collect the most are hats and sports shoes, for hats I have more from Supreme, as for sports shoes because I’m the spokesperson for Adidas so there are many new models which I am able to get first. The number of items I have is really a lot, I have a room specially for keeping these, I haven’t had the time to properly tally up the specific number of items.

For young people who have just started keeping up with trends, if they have a limited budget to spend on one item which is the most worth it, what kind of item would you recommend that they purchase and why?

Young people these days are fond of goods which are value for money. Items wise, as long as it’s according to their needs, it’s good. I usually prefer sports shoes because they are able to match many styles and types of clothes. For example, Adidas Originals ZX Flux shoes, (Adidas) Superstar shoes, these are the current very popular items, and are suitable choices to be matched with jeans or casual pants. I’ve also noticed that these are sold on our YOHO!Buy online site.

If you were to create your own label in the future, how would you find balance between your career as an actor and managing your own brand?

To create my own label would be to fulfil a dream of mine, I would oversee the design of the clothes and material choosing process, because I don’t wish to create clothes that are not of quality. Actually fashion is already part of my job, I will match both (acting and managing my personal label) and bring my sense of style into my future creations, passing it on to even more people.

NIGO and you are YOHO!’s creative director and YOHO!’s spokesperson respectively, in the future will there be a possibility of you guys working together? Will you make special arrangements to publish your own book on trends?

(NIGO is the creator of BAPE A Bathing Ape. He was appointed as new creative director of YOHO! in September 2015.)

I really, really respect and idolise NIGO, I hope that we can work together soon. Currently everything is in discussion and to be kept confidential, so in the future it’ll be certain. As for publishing a book I still haven’t thought to that extent, and currently I don’t have that much energy to do so too. But when the time is right, I feel that there is a high possibility that I would release a book about myself and fashion trends.

Finally are there any suggestions or advice you can give to our young, trendy readers?

Buy things that you like that are within your own means. Don’t just blindly follow brand names and prices, finding a style that suits you is most important.

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