Kris Wu Global Fansite Weibo Update; “As Long As Someone Persistently…”


@Mr_凡先生 说:只要坚定自己真正喜欢的事情并为之付出全部的努力,过程就比结果更有趣。
关于喜欢你这件事,每个你 一直乐在其中,跟随你的步伐,不断的一起向前走~
未来 也一定会在的❤

Kris Wu said: As long as someone is persistently doing what they love with great effort the process is more fascinating than the result.

The matter that you (Kris Wu) like, Meigeni is always passionately following your step, continuously moving forward together ❤

PS: In 19th December Fanfan will  record Happy Camp. For some reasons he unlikely present at briefing, Meigeni please do not believe in rumor.


Kris Wu Recording Day Day Up

Yesterday (December 17th) Kris Wu recorded Chinese Variety Show, Day Day Up back to back. The afternoon recording Kris Wu record the show along with Mr. Six casts and supermodel Liu Wen and the evening, he recorded the show along with Jessica Jung to introduce his fashion brand.

Anyone anticipated about his brand that likely will be release soon?

One of fancam of yesterday recording.

Photo courtesy various weibo outlets and fansites

Video by Galaxy Fanfan

Posted by Tara Lee