Wu Yifan on Somewhere Only We Know Weibo Update, “Happy Helloween”

#有一个地方只有我们知道# #万圣节# 到啦![大南瓜][做鬼脸]这个万圣夜你打算装扮成什么[阴险]布拉格是吸血鬼的故乡,所以“荷尔蒙天团”这次打算装扮成吸血鬼[好喜欢]优雅、高贵而又冷酷的吸血鬼,总是神秘午夜故事中的常客,有一些“元素”与他们如影随形,你知道是什么吗?[推荐]戳图立见[阴险]
Today is Halloween, do you have and idea how to dressed up tonight? Prague is Vampire birthplace, so we like to dressed as vampire like. The elegant, god-like, and cold vampires, they’re always be a mysterious night story, there are some “elements” and they will follow through, do you know what it is?
In the ellegant vampire’s hand, he always holding a wineglass which filled by red-like-freshly-blood liquid (reffered to red-wine which somewhat looked like blood). Red wine which brings out the devil’s aura.
by  [叶公子有个幻肢]

by [叶公子有个幻肢]


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Wu Yifan’s Birthday Event by Tencent


On November 6th, Tencent – the largest video site (like you tube) in China – will hold special event for Yifan’s birthday. Aside of collecting photo and video from Meigeni all around the world which later will be stream through the video so Yifan can personally watch it. Tencent and Yifan will present special things, what is it?

Yifan will sing live his NEW song!

All global Meigeni can stream through this >> WU YIFAN BIRTHDAY EVENT  video preview is already available, just click the link 🙂 (*by clicking the link you will leave this page)

Yifan birthday event will start by 8 PM CST (GMT +8) mark your calendar!

Tutorial how to make QQ account to join Yifan’s Birthday Event Streaming

l0wgeOr - Imgurtutorial - Imgur

*Thank you to anyone who tip this tutorial

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Feng Xiaogang (Chinese Top Actor and Director) Praising Wu Yifan


On October 26th, Feng Xiaogang confirmed about Yifan being one of the cast of Guan Hu’s new movie “Lao Pao Er”. He praised Yifan as young generation who modest and hardworking and as youngster, he has alot of things to learn from. But unfortunately, when he asked about “Lao Pao Er” further, he declined the comments and told to wait for Hua Yi’s announcement.




  1. Feng Xiaogang will be the main cast of “Lao Pao Er” and said as Yifan’s rival (clear plot of the movie has not reveal yet).
  2. “Lao Pao Er” will produced by Hua Yi Brother Media Corporation which Yifan also rumored to be Yifan’s new agency >> the evident of the rumor Yifan joining Hua Yi. It was Wang Zonglei’s (Hua Yi’s president) daughter Istagram post however she deleted the post.


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