WU Yifan Studio Weibo Update; “Vogue 10th Anniversary Cowboy Xiaoye (Young Master)”

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其实每次红毯前的发型、着装、配饰都是让吴老板纠结的事,贴心送上#吴亦凡# VOGUE十周年活动红毯前的花絮皂片,红毯上的牛仔小爷是这样变身滴[酷][耶]

In fact, in every red carpet appearance Boss Wu would always pay detail attention from hairdo (T/N: well he was wearing white wig last night), outfit, Wu Yifan Vogue 10th Anniversary red carpet Cowboy Xiao Ye (Young Master).


Wu Yifan Studio Update; “Another Day to Get Closer with Meigeni”

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#吴亦凡# 晒图一枚——昨天专注起来暖男属性爆棚的吴老板[色][色]每个你与他相聚的时间又拉近了#吴亦凡1106生日快乐# 购票链接:N2015吴亦凡”Fantastic”见面

Yesterday warm man Boss Wu (at Mengniu Factory) focused on coloring property, the day for Meigeni and him to meet again is getting closer to Fantastic Fanmeet HappyBirthdayWuYifan1106

Ticket link for Fantastic Fanmeet N2015吴亦凡”Fantastic”见面

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Wu Yifan Weibo Update; “I Arranged 1106, You have to Come”


1106 我已约,你!要来![思考][思考][思考]

I arranged 1106, you! have to come! [思考][思考][思考]

Aku sudah merencanakan 1106, kalian! harus datang! [思考][思考][思考]

Wu Yifan comment’s


Want to come just come! who afraid! let’s go!

Datang saja! siapa takut! Ayo!

Rourou’s comment’s


Papa, give me snack, I might consider to come

Papa beri aku jajan, aku mungkin akan datang

Wu Yifan Global Fanclub

吴亦凡Kris全球后援会#吴亦凡1106生日快乐# 我们说好不分离,要一直一直在一起,1106每个你与#吴亦凡#不见不散[心]
We promised not to part ways, together forever, 1106 be there Meigeni dan Wu Yifan.
Kita berjanji untuk tidak berpisah, bersama selamanya, 1106 Meigeni dan Wu Yifan mari bertemu di sana.

Wu Yifan Will Perform New Song “Bad Girl” in the up coming Fantastic Fanmeeting

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Foto promosi pertama untuk jumpa fans ulang tahun Wu Yifan telah dirilis! Wu Yifan akan menggelar jumpa fans “Fantastic” pada 6 November di Beijing Workers Stadium. Foto-foto ini dilaporkan berasal dari (MV) “Bad Girl” yang akan dirilis tepat pada hari itu. Wu Yifan juga akan menyanyikan lagu itu di jumpa fans. Sementara itu tiket jumpa fans akan mulai dijual pada 26 Oktober. Sejauh ini belum ada website yang ditunjuk untuk melayani penjualan tiket.

Wu Yifan birthday fanmeeting first promotion photos released! Wu Yifan will hold “Fantastic” fanmeet on November 6th at Beijing Workers Stadium. The stills reportedly coming from “Bad Girl” which will release exactly that day. Wu Yifan will also perform the song. Meanwhile ticket will be open sale at October 26th 14:00 CST. So far there now link provided yet.

Source Sina

Trans Tara Lee

Wu Yifan Weibo Update; “Since Young I love Reading”



Since I was young I have good habit of reading! Look! At my little eyes! If you’re not happy, come to fight!


Wu Yifan forwarded Sina post


Responded (to Spring Festival Director weibo)! The first kids pretty familiar! wuli Fanfan come to join Spring Festival [偷笑]


Sina forwarded Spring Festival Director Weibo



Yifan’s comment on his own RT


Now you know why I’m being called RouRou (Little Fatty | literally Rou means meat) back then? It’s true I was really like a piece of meat [笑cry][笑cry][笑cry]


A/N: Fanfan inherited Mama Wu’s face, isn’t it?