Somewhere Only We Know Behind the Scene (from Hotel U Zlatých nůžek)

Shooting of a new Chinese film “Somewhere Only We Know”

The new Chinese romantic film called “Somewhere Only We Know” with a famous Chinese star Xu Jing Lei and popular singer Wu Yifan (called Kris) was shoot above all in Prague′s Old Town and beautiful Lesser Quarter. Few parts were shoot as well at our hotel, in the Prague Castle View Room.



Source Hotel U Zlatých nůžek

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Wu Yifan Instagram Update 20140813

capture-20140813-185953Thank you @virgilabloh for this amazing custom made piece. #offwhite

Another update was from weibo 我们的街拍时刻 which explained about Yifan’s Off-White custom made design.


The shirt and jeans was design by Off-White designer three months ago exclusively for Yifan.  The designer even put Swarovski to make “KRIS” latter on his jeans. The shoot was took place in Prague’s street in which he was filming his first movie Somewhere Only We Know [#有一个地方只有我们知道]

Do you expect more about Yifan’s street-style?




Source Wu Yifan Instagram and 我们的街拍时刻

Fanart by m.ina weibo

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Somewhere Only We Know Official Photo


*Posted by Xu Jinglei weibo on 2014, June 24th

Yifan forward the post and he changed his profile photo.

fanfancapfanfancap1#有一个地方只有我们知道# 有一个导演只有我们知道, 一个有梦想有故事的地方, 你想知道吗?让我们一起飞吧!

#SomewhereOnlyWeKnow there a movie director only we know, there a place with a dream,  do you want to know? Let’s fly together!


Ps: Sorry If I make mistake in translation, my chinese is awful 😦


Sina Official Photo

Xu Jinglei Instagram update


Wu Yifan Promotional Photo


Fan Edited Photo




Source Xu Jinglei Weibo and Wu Yifan Weibo

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