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“There are many times I do not wish to further elaborate on how tough and difficult this path I took was, because in the future I would have to work even harder. Many people say that I am lucky, so therefore I have to be thankful, but gratefulness cannot be mere lip service. What I can do is to steadily continue forth, not let down those who have expectations of me, so I am continuously trying out challenges, hoping to bring even more surprises to everyone, including myself.”

[Rayli Q&A]

We heard you really like watching Slam Dunk! Who’s your favourite character?

Kaede Rukawa! Because he’s really awesome. Actually Slam Dunk was very influential amongst young people, many started playing basketball after watching Slam Dunk.

When you were young did you dream of becoming someone like Rukawa Kaede?

How did you know? At that point in time it was my dream all along to play basketball professionally, but then I did a [bone] test and according to the results I could only grow up to 1.88m, since I could not reach 1.9m I gave it up.

You appear to be very cold and aloof on the outside, but on the inside was your personality influenced by Rukawa Kaede and Hanamichi Sakuragi?

Yeah really a little! And also Scorpios are cold on the outside and passionate on the inside, the closer you are to them the more they will be able to open up.

Wu Yi Fan hopes to be remembered by his strengths – acting, singing, dancing… He’s not a flat, ordinary 2D person, but on the contrary is more three-dimensional, with richer experiences of the loneliness of living abroad as a foreigner, and the hardships of being a trainee. He does not wish to be just a pretty flower boy. Not being complacent with things as they are, he is proactive, hardworking, modest, and keen to experience all the surprises and hardships of reality. To date, Wu Yi Fan has acted in at least seven silver screen productions, an enviable feat, compared to many other actors who struggle for many years because they are still unknown, Wu Yi Fan had a good start, to which few can match.

What do you think is your best quality?

I think I’m a very strong minded person, and I have very strong will to follow through.

But you’re very lucky, you’ve started off so well (Wu Yi Fan shakes his head) you probably don’t have any obstacles you can’t overcome?

There are many times I don’t wish to further elaborate on how tough and difficult this path I took was, because in the future I would have to work even harder. Many people say that I am lucky, so therefore I have to be thankful, but gratefulness cannot be mere lip service. What I can do is to steadily continue forth, not let down those who have expectations of me, so I am continuously trying out challenges, hoping to bring even more surprises to everyone, including myself.

Listening to your skill in speech, [we feel that] you should publish a motivational book.

Actually I’ve really thought about this before. Perhaps it is due to the environment that I grew up in, when I was young I was extremely introverted, I didn’t speak much, didn’t know how to make friends. After that there was a period of time where I read a lot of Chicken Soup for the Soul books, hoping that the books could help me change my mindset, and honestly they helped a lot. Me being so positive now has got something to do with those books I read when I was young.

So as you’ve said, the current you is probably very satisfied right?

I’m quite satisfied with how things are currently. But this does not mean that I don’t want to improve. People have to be satisfied to a certain degree to be happy long term, many times [we] can’t worry too much over gains and losses, and otherwise it would result in a lot of negativity. So I make sure I’m happy every day, this way I’d have a lot of crazy ideas, which would bring to me more motivation and encouragement to continue doing crazy things.

It seems like you’re a person who has been successfully brainwashed by “chicken soup”.

I guess it should be said this way, I’m a person who has been by nourished by “chicken soup”.

When this 25 year old man raises his head with a gentle gaze, he has an otherworldly handsomeness. But his Weibo posts have an unexpected change in tone from this image, his humor evident throughout. Unlike other idols who are like beautifully wrapped chocolate sold at supermarkets with a similar taste to their packaging, Wu Yi Fan is instead more similar to fizzling candy, you can’t predict when he will pop, it’s a mix of surprise and playfulness. He said that there is a part of him that has a personality similar to that of a child’s, anticipating the future with a sense of curiosity.

Why do you say that you have a 4D way of thinking?

Because I’m someone who completely doesn’t follow norms, on many occasions I won’t be on the same frequency as everyone else, there are times when I say things that others totally don’t understand. For example like lame jokes, there are a lot of people whose reactions are slower by me by half a beat.

What will you do in such situations; will you save the situation by yourself?

Occasionally I would save myself, there are many times where others are just slower by half a beat, two seconds later they would find it very funny too.

How did you land yourself the role of a 4D person?

When I was on a variety show, I had frequently responded in a way that resulted in the other party being at a loss of what to do, and they’d always say “What kind of situation is this, this guy is kinda silly, but very interesting.” After a long period of time, many fans felt that I really couldn’t carry out an ordinary conversation, which resulted in me being called 4D. But I feel that actually many times I’m not on the same page as everyone else, occasionally even I myself don’t know what I want to express.

You’ve said before that you love yourself a lot, so will you “research” on which angle you look the best?

360 degrees no bad angles! (laughs a lot) Nah, even if I love myself I won’t research which angle I look handsome in, I’m not someone who pays a great deal of attention to my looks.

Then which area do you feel that you pay attention to the most?

I pay more attention to the way my appearance is coordinated on the whole, because one’s aura is able to leave a greater impression on others.

Taking a look at the sample shots you did here, we like those where your eyes have feelings in them

Photos are a very flat medium, so I really hope to have some emotion and story present in my eyes, this way it will bring the picture to life. If one merely looks good there is not much meaning, I don’t like it if it’s simply handsome. Things with some content are more substantial. There’s no point in being too perfect, beautiful things are things that definitely have to have some imperfections, thus when looking at them [on the whole] everything will look especially harmonious.

[Fans’ Q&A]

Is the new puppy male or female? What is it named? How do you interact with it every day?

The puppy is male, its name is Rourou, you guys are first to know about this. I don’t usually spend a lot time to walk the dog, but because it’s still young, as long as it sees me it will be very happy. Only after reading a lot of dog care manuals did I decide to keep a dog. I’m a person who will prepare well in advance. I train it everyday, and within a short period of time it has learned 4 tricks: sit, shake hands (paw), play dead, stand (in punishment).

When do you plan to release your new album?

It’s in the midst of preparation, because it’s my first solo album, from producing the songs to MV shooting, I will personally play a part in all of them, so this may only possibly be revealed to everyone next year. For the special feature (I) will be collaborating with an international team, I really hope to bring more surprises to everyone.

In the future when choosing roles, will you try taking up the challenge of playing the antagonist?

This will be necessary, every actor aims to take up the challenge of playing different roles. It is then that [they will] have a sense of freshness.

Right now you’re so busy you barely have time to rest, but your physique is still maintained so well, how do you find the time to work out?

Squeezing out some time, there will be time [left for exercising]. When it comes to exercising, it can be done anytime anywhere, those who always say that they don’t have the time to work out are giving excuses for their laziness.

If you had several days of vacation what would you like to do the most?

The first thing I’d do is sleep in, sleep till I naturally wake up.

How does it feel to have shaven off all your hair for the movie role?

It feels very refreshing, with no hair my while body feels light.

Will you prefer a girl who takes care of you more or would you prefer to be the one who’s taking care of her more?

Is this very important? If two people mutually like each other, you would enjoy being taken care of by the other person and you too would, out of your own will, take care of the other person too.

At what age do you plan to get married? What will bother you the most while dating?

It all depends on when I meet my ideal other half. When we are dating as long as you don’t make me eat vinegar it’s ok, because I don’t like acidic stuff (haha).

What if your favourite scent of perfume on girls?

Regarding perfume, I’ll accept any scent, as long as it is not too strong.

Please share with us your ideal partner

Filial, understanding girl

Do you still dislike eating fish now? Besides eating fish is there anything else you dislike more? If you don’t like eating fish, how do you deal with it?

I don’t eat fish and coriander and I’ve never really thought of dealing with it.

[Fast Q&A: Wu Yi Fan rates himself](out of of 10 points)

First movie: pass
Singing: 7 points
Long legs and side profile: both 8.8 points
Current acting ability: 7.5 points
Cooking skills: 3 points
Basketball skills: right now 5 points
Fashion sense: 8 points
Communication skills: 9 points
Patience: 9 points
Degree of silliness: this is higher, 9 points

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