Kris Wu at Burberry Show


At February 20th Kris Wu once again appeared at the front row for Burberry February Show. This also marked his first appearance since he appointed as Burberry Global Ambassador back in 2016 December.

Kris Wu Weibo

唯美食与精彩不可辜负 @Burberry amazing[鼓掌]

Only with marvelous and culinary delicacy should not fail to live up to @Burberry amazing[鼓掌]

Kris Wu Global Fanclub


Kris Wu In Elle China


Kris Wu in Cosmopolitan Korea

Kris Wu with Burberry CEO, Christopher Bailey


Kris Wu with International Vogue Online Edition Editor, Suzy Menkes


Kris Wu with Vogue China Editor in Chief, Angelica Zheung


Kris Wu with Chinese Actress, Zhou Dongyu


Kris Wu in Bags包先生 Weibo


Kris Wu with an Australian Actress Elizabeth Debicki

Kris Wu after party


Another shoot from the event

Article and shoot out for Kris Wu

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  3. New York Magazine – The Cut

Photo courtesy Kris Wu weibo, Kris Wu Global Fansite and various media and weibo posts.

Kris Wu Global Fansite Weibo Update; “Coming Soon JUICE”


每个你期待的#吴亦凡# @Mr_凡先生  新 歌《Juice》,即将在iTunes,Spotify等多个平台音源上线,敬请期待~后续有相关内容,会会也会随时发布,请每个你注意关注哦~

Meigeni please look forward for Kris Wu’s upcoming single Juice. the single will be out soon on iTunes and Spotify as well as other platforms. Please stay tune for the updates


Kris Wu Global FanClub akan segera resmi didirikan!


161218 Kris Wu FanClub weibo update :

【公告】感谢每个你一直以来的支持,吴亦凡Kris全球后援会即将以全新面貌正式成立。目前各项工作均已进入筹备阶段,敬请期待~届时欢迎所有喜爱#吴亦凡#的每个你加入后援会,给@Mr_凡先生 最强有力的应援[心]



Terima kasih untuk Meigeni atas dukungannya selama ini. Kris Wu Fanclub Global akan resmi didirikan, dan sekarang dalam tahap persiapan, harap dinanti~ Semua Meigeni yang mencintai Kris dipersilahkan untuk bergabung di club ini untuk memberikan Kris Wu dukungan terkuat dari penggemarnya ❤

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Bahasa : yohana

Kris Wu Global Fansite Weibo Update; “Happy Weekend”


小爷@Mr_凡先生 独家花絮大放送
每个你 周末愉快哈😍#July[音乐]#

#WuYifan #WuYifanjuly Do not need any gorgeous words. Just by single  glance can make people lost theirselves in.

Young master Wu Yifan exclusive release, happy weekend Meigeni haha 😍#July [BGM]

Source  Kris Wu Global Fansite

Trans by Tara Lee