Wu Yifan in Somewhere Only We Know Weibo Update, “Learning from Each Other”

#有一个地方只有我们知道# 导演@鸡毛蒜皮与鸡毛蒜皮@Mr_凡先生 球场互相切磋技艺,请众位看官脑补对话……[偷乐]
Somewhere Only We Know, Director Xu and Wu Yifan were learning each other skill, please fill in the dialogue …
Director Xu Weibo Update with Yifan’s scene




Re-learning how to use editing software, the old neck is also hurt …..


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Site Notice: Somewhere Only We Know Movie Proposal


Halo Meigeni Indonesia,

Menindak-lanjuti survey dan petisi kita sehubungan dengan usaha kita untuk membawa Somewhere Only We Know ke tanah air, kami dan Meigeni Indonesia hari ini mulai mengirimkan proposal ke beberapa perusahaan pengimpor film dan bioskop diantaranya Jive-Entertainment, Blitz dan Moxienotion.

Proposal yang kami kirimkan berisi cerita dan profil singkat Somewhere Only We Know beserta pemain utama. Kami terus berkomunikasi dengan banyak pihak agar tahun depan impian kita untuk merayakan Valentine bersama Wu Yifan tercapai. Bagi Meigeni

Indonesia, kalian bisa terus berkomentar di survey kami dan kami pun akan terus update terbaru mengenai progress kami sehubungan dengan penayangan Somewhere Only We Know di tanah air.

Untuk Meigeni yang tahu perusahaan pengimpor film atau bioskop lain bisa meninggalkan komentar di bawah.

Bantu kami untuk mempromosikan Somewhere Only We Know di Indonesia dan kita bersama-sama berusaha untuk membuat impian kita menjadi kenyataan.


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Wu Yifan and Wang Likun, “Who Accompany You Watching Meteor Rain?”


#有一个地方只有我们知道# 具有“流星雨之王”之称的狮子座流星雨昨夜到今天凌晨光临了地球。谁陪你一起看的流星雨?说说你们许的愿望是什么?[许愿][许愿][许愿]
There said “The King of Meteor Rain” Leonid meteor shower from tonight untill this morning. Who accompany you to see the the meteor rain? Go and make a wish?
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Wu Yifan in CCTV Music Weibo Update, “Be Brave”


#CCTV音乐·明星语录# 人就只有这一辈子,你现在不做以后就没有机会了。所以要勇敢,在自己还可以奋斗的时候去努力做自己想做的事。不后悔。——吴亦凡

CCTV Music quotation

People only live once, if you’re not doing it right now you wont have another chance in the future. So be brave, when you face hardship, dont give up and keep working hard, only then you have no regret — Wu Yifan


*Note: This line was Fanfan’s line during his birthday party event!

Source @CCTV音乐

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Wu Yifan Weibo Update, “Somewhere Only We Know”


somewhere only we know 情人节见! (ps:曾经有一支真挚的mv摆在我面前 我木有珍惜[可怜][委屈][泪] 直到失去才后悔莫及 如果再给我一次机会的话 我会对它说:我要看你一万次[怒骂][怒骂][怒骂]如果非要给它加个期限的话 我希望是两…万…年…[顶][顶]

Somewhere only we know, see you in Valentine (next year)! (ps: there once a sincere in front of me  yet I failed to cherish, once I lost it and left me with regret. If only there was another chance, I would tell: I would like to watch you ten thousand times, if there is limited times for this then I hope it would be two … thousand … years

*Note: Yifan reposted Youku weibo about his MV releses

Source @Mr_凡先生

Photo credit Yinyuetai

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Wu Yifan “有一个地方 – You yi ge difang” MV is Finally Released!


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The most anticipated MV was finally released!!! Stream it here:

  1. Tencent >> 有一个地方 MV *by clicking the link you will leave the page
  2. Yinyuetai >> 有一个地方 MV
  3. Sina Music >> 有一个地方 MV
  4. iQiYi >> 有一个地方MV
  5. Sohu TV >> 有一个地方 MV
  6. Youku >> 有一个地方 MV
  7. Meibai >> 有一个地方 MV



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