Wu Yifan Paris Fashion Week

150626 PFW25

According to ifeng, Wu Yifan is the person who wanted to be appeared differently with other, that’s why he choose to have new hair style while his outfit was actually unreleased yet. He was also the youngest so far that personally invited by Givenchy’s Creative Director, Mr. Tisci. He also told ifeng about his desire to be able to walk at Givenchy runaway even for once.

At the venue, Yifan was also caught to chit-chatting with Mrs. Menkes. Meskes is well-known world-wide fashion journalist and she has very well reputation on the industry for being much loved for both her personality and her fair and balance review of fashion show.

Wu Yifan with Suzy Menkes of Vogue International Editor

150626 PFW37


Wu Yifan with Ricarrdo Tisci of Givenchy Creative Director

150626 PFW40

Enjoy of our superstar in such prestigious Fashion Show

150626 PFW39

150626 PFW13

Photo courtesy various weibo outlets and Instagram