Kris Wu 2017 NBA Celeb Game All Star


打篮球是为了快乐,更是因为热爱。今天的目标是两分。得了三分还冒了一个[捂脸] 圆满 感谢各位看官

Playing basketball is because of happiness and more for passion. Today’s goal to score 2 points. Having 3 points is another unexpected achievement. Thanks to all of spectators.

Kris Wu comments:



Kris scores:

2017  NBA Celeb Game All Star Kris Wu played for East Team, who won the game.

3 points

3 rebounds

1 block shot, and;

1 assist


Other Basketball stars that support him.

Jordan Lawley

Russel Westbrook


Kris Wu comments:

@Mr_凡先生:killin it this year! all the best

Stephen Curry


Kris Wu Comments

//@Mr_凡先生:appreciate it! catch u tmr


Kris Wu NBA All Star Game Red Carpet


Kris Wu awarded as the best dressed for NBA All Star Red Carpet.

Kris Wu at the game

Photo Courtesy Kris Wu Weibo, Kris Wu Global Fanclub, NBA, and Various Weibo Posts


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