Kris Wu Weibo Update; “I Dream I Live”

160515 WB

you know me. i dream i live,
step by step.

Kris Wu Comment on his own post

//@Mr_凡先生:晚安,早安. (Good night, good morning)

Kris Wu Studio Update Reposted his weibo


#吴亦凡# A new fresh start, together[心].

Kris Wu Global Fanclub Reposted his weibo

#吴亦凡# We will always be with u.step by step[心]“每个你”一直在,陪你@Mr_凡先生 完成每一个梦想,祝巴黎的你晚安[月亮] (Meigeni will always be there to accompany you Wu Yifan. To complete every dream, wish you goodnight in Paris.
Posted and Trans by Tara Lee

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