Kris Wu, Basketball is an Important Lesson in Life

160217 NBA1

#2016NBA全明星周末#【吴亦凡对话舒德伟: 篮球是人生的重要一课】打入NBA名人赛的首位华人明星吴亦凡@Mr_凡先生 与NBA中国CEO舒德伟进行了对话,亦凡称他曾为比赛增重10磅,并直言少年NBA项目意义重大,两人还聊了全明星周末,分享了最深刻的NBA记忆。

NBA Celebrity All Star [David Shoemaker and Kris Wu interview: Basketball is an important lesson in life] Kris Wu became the first Chinese to involved in NBA All Star Celebrity game. @ WuYifan and NBA China CEO David Shoemaker once sat down for interview which he revealed that he gained weight about 10 pounds and to tell honest about how great the opportunity (of join NBA All Star), the two talked about All Star Weekend  and share the most profound memories.

160217 NBA

Kris Wu Weibo update reposted NBA weibo:

@Mr_凡先生:honored to be part of my dream game. I will be back.[酷]

Kris Wu Global Fanclub reposted Kris Wu Weibo:

Video interview

Kris Wu Cut

Source NBA Weibo
Posted and Trans by Tara Lee



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