Kris Wu NBA All Star Celebrity Game Video and News Compilation

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Kris Wu Highlight

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Team Canada continued to patiently play through the post, with the likes of actor Kris Wu, Butler, and McGrady holding down the fort in the face of an American comeback attempt.

Kris Wu: B

The actor and singer brought a devoted group of fans with him, and their reaction to everything he did definitely made his heartthrob status known. Cracking the starting lineup for Canada, Wu had six points and seven rebounds in 16 minutes, and probably made a name for himself for those who hadn’t previously heard of him.

Canadian-Chinese singer and actor Kris Wu seemingly stole the show, drawing ear-piercing applause each time he had the ball.

160213 KNACG70

Actor Kris Wu was just as popular on this night. A few hundred fans, many armed with colourful Kris Wu posters, took in the pre-game shootaround and hollered with delight at his every move.

Wu showed he had game on the court, slicing his way through the American defence for a driving layup early in the fourth quarter and giving Canada a 60-53 lead with another bucket moments later.

Diesel, who was dressed in a sleek gray jacket and wore his shades the entire time, was there to support his Triple-X co-star Kris Wu, who is playing in the celebrity game.

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News link and coverage:

  1. Kris Wu, first Chinese to play in NBA Celebrity Game
  2. Kris Wu Joins 2016 NBA All Star Celebrity Game

Video by WNBA

Compiled by Tara Lee


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