Kris Wu, first Chinese to play in NBA Celebrity Game

160213 KNACG67

More from the NBA All-Star Weekend and the Celebrity Game from Friday night, that pitted Team Canada against Team USA for a bit of lighthearted basketball that would feature more laughs than quality play. Rapper Drake would coach the Canadian squad which included Chinese-Canadian actor Kris Wu. The Americans meanwhile were led by actor Kevin Hart.

Here is Wu being introduced and he would get to start in his first appearance in the Celebrity game. Former NBA star Tracy McGrady shows how it’s done with a pass off the glass for a lay-up.

As expected there would be plenty of clowning around as McGrady carries the 5 foot 3 Muggsy Bogues and drops the former player in a seat.

Wu would get a chance to show his skills as he drives in and finishes with a nice underhand finger roll and Canada lead by nine.

Here is Wu cutting in again and he gets it to go off the glass. He would tally six points and seven rebounds, and that contribution helped Canada claim a 74-63 victory.

Arcade Fire singer Win Butler was awarded MVP of the game after a 15-point, 14-rebound performance.

“From my own perspective, participating in the Celebrity Game has made my dream come true. I always want to play in professional basketball, and that’s my dream since I was young. I am also honored to be the first Chinese to be involved in the game,” Wu said.

160213 KNACG68

Source CCTV News English

Reposted by Tara Lee


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