160212 Kris Wu Yifan plays for Team Canada on NBA All Star Celebrity Game TO

Kris Wu finally made his dream of playing for the NBA come true. Assigned in Drake’s Canada Team, Kris played along with Tracy McGrady, under coach Drake and Steve Nash. Kris Wu played on the in all quarters. Team Canada won with 74 points against US with 64 points. Kris successfully made the points on 3rd and 4th quarter, giving Team Canada 6 points, from 3 solid 2-pointers. He got the little of the game! From people’s testimonies, every time he got the ball everybody screamed. Lots of fans were there holding placards showing their support! He’s the MVP of our hearts.





Almost scored on 2nd quarter, Kris finally made 3 baskets on 3rd and 4th quarter.

Kris Wu’s reason in Toronto isn’t solely to play for NBA All Star. He’s also in the period of filming D.J Caruso’s movie “xXx 3: The return of Xander Cage”. Even D.J Caruso and the main actor himself, Vin Diesel, bought the tickets to support Kris Wu!

All of our cheers are for you, Mr. Kris Wu. We are so proud that you’ve made another dream come true. We support you all the way!


article by: Syarrah

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