160209 Update Weibo Wu Yifan; [The Mermaid] Premiere


WYF: #XingYeofGeneration# I’ve always felt like Xing Ye (Stephen Chow)’s movies are different from any other movies. Xing Ye’s movies are not only comedies, but after watching them one would have a kind of emotion. In the essence of comedy, there is also something which enables people to laugh and also cry. #TheMermaidPremieresCNYDay1#

#XingYeofGeneration# Aku selalu merasa bahwa film-film Stephen Chow itu berbeda dari film-film lainnya. Film-film Stephen Chow tidak hanya sebatas komedi. Setelah menontonnya, akan terasa emosi yang lain. Selain esensi komedinya, ada sesuatu yang membuat orang untuk tertawa dan menangis. #TheMermaidPremieresCNYDay1#

chi-eng trans: Becca

eng-bahasa trans: Syarrah


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