Kris Wu Studio Update; “Waiting and Ready”


#有态度吴亦凡# 整装待发。

#Wu Yifan has attitude# Waiting and ready

Today Kris Wu attended NetEase Attitude Award which he won Idol with the most Attitude on the Silver Screen

Kris Wu’s winning speech:

Thank you everyone. Firstly I would like to thank CEO Li, CEO Feng, thank you. And thank you NetEase for giving me this honor.

I am very glad that last year throught Somewhere Only We Know, I was able  to get to know Peng Zeyang’s character which gave me actor status. Then this year it was Xiao Fei from Mr. Six. Xiao Fei is very precious gift to me. He showed me that young people should have right attitude, style and abide by the rules. So I will carry on doing so and continue to work hard, hoping that in the future I will become an even better actor. Thank you.

MC: Director Feng gave you the Xiao Ye tittle, what are the differences? Would you prefer “little fresh meat” or Xiao Ye?

Kris Wu: I feel that “fresh meat” is the tittle which is too superficial. (Kris Wu to audiences: Do you guys think “Little Fresh Meat” or “Xiao Ye” better?) Yes, that is why I feel that Xiao Ye is a tittle with more personality and attitude. So actually I feel that actors have to be more reliant on their works, use their works to prove themselves, perhaps this outer appearances is only temporary, one day I will also become old and be “fresh meat” anymore, so I hope that in the future, through my hard work, I would develop as an actor with skill. So I feel that Xiao Ye is title which I like

Source Mr_吴亦凡工作室

Kris Wu winning speech tip and trans by Becca

Photo Courtesy Mr_吴亦凡工作室 and various weibo outlets


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