Kris Wu In Orange Entertainment Weibo Update

151224 OEU3

Finally we are able to post this. 2 months of planning, 9 hours of interview time, all around 360 degrees records. This Saturday on Orange Entertainment 橘子娱乐 App you will be able to see for the first time, Xiao Ye behind the flashing light – Kris Wu.

We continuously filmed him for 9 hours, finally at 2:30 PM, did he have time to eat? But it was not long before media personnel early arrived, when staff asked him whether he was prepared he replied; “It’s alright, I can skip meals anytime.

When the media arrived, he said it was no problem, he could skip meals anytime. when other responded, he kept his head down quietly. He rarely sat with one leg crossed over he other, hardly played with his phone, and we never saw him yawn once. When he was on the van, he did just one thing-pushed back the hood of his down jacket and went to sleep.

Source Orange Ent Weibo

Trans by Becca

Retyped and Posted by Tara Lee



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