Wu Yifan as Guest Commentator in NBA Lakers vs Rockets Game

151213 NGC31

Wu Yifan reposted NBA weibo about his first time ever working with NBA

@Mr_凡先生: 荣幸之至

My pleasure

NBA Weibo reposted Tencent Weibo @NBA:


[His] comment was not bad! Looking forward Xiaoye’s present more to our fans next time~

Tencent Weibo @腾讯体育

#吴亦凡加盟腾讯解说# 今日火箭vs湖人的NBA比赛,@Mr_凡先生 正式成为腾讯NBA明星战队的一员,小爷在直播室致敬偶像科比,完成解说首秀!还顺便挑战投篮机完爆企鹅凡@柯凡!为社区球迷赢得大礼包并与幸运粉丝合影留念…小爷,你的NBA初体验玩的开心吗?@NBA@杨毅@徐小溢
Wu Yifan working with Tencent NBA Celebrity team as commentator for Lakers and Rockets game… Xiaoye, were you happy with your first time working with NBA?

Photo courtesy Tencent Weibo, NBA Weibo and other Weibo outlets

Trans by Becca

Retyped by Tara Lee


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