Wu Yifan in PEOPLE Magazine Weibo Update; “Wu Yifan People’s 2015 Faces of the Year Cover”

2015 DP

@人物:《人物》12月特刊拍摄现场,吴亦凡先生调皮地把自己藏了起来。现在,亮真身的时候到了:恭喜吴亦凡入选《人物》2015年度面孔,并成为唯一入选的年度偶像。关于这位「所有人都在谈论」的新生代偶像,你不可错过的精彩专访和高清图组,猛戳购买链接:N特惠预售 :《人物》 2015年第12期加厚…(预售期购买有8折优惠)

During [People] Magazine’s 2015 December magazine cover shoot, Mr. Wu Yifan playfully hid himself. Right now, the time t reveal himself has come; Congratulations to Wu Yifan for being choosen to appear on [People]’s 2015 faces of the year cover, becoming the onlyidol of the year to be choosen. You can not miss the exciting interview and picture set of this new generation idol whom everyone is talking about

Order link People magazine

2015 DP1

Source Renwu Weibo

Trans by Becca

Retype by Tara Lee



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