Wu Yifan Studio Update; “Another Day to Get Closer with Meigeni”

151027 OFCS

#吴亦凡# 晒图一枚——昨天专注起来暖男属性爆棚的吴老板[色][色]每个你与他相聚的时间又拉近了#吴亦凡1106生日快乐# 购票链接:N2015吴亦凡”Fantastic”见面

Yesterday warm man Boss Wu (at Mengniu Factory) focused on coloring property, the day for Meigeni and him to meet again is getting closer to Fantastic Fanmeet HappyBirthdayWuYifan1106

Ticket link for Fantastic Fanmeet N2015吴亦凡”Fantastic”见面

151027 OFCS1



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