Wu Yifan “有一个地方 – you yi ge difang” MV Teaser Showing the Depth of Love


After Wu Yifan released his newest single “There is a place” audio, today the team released the theme song MV “There is a place” of the movie “Somewhere Only We Know” which is a preview version. The audio hit first in many playlists, the purchase of the audio also broke many records. The release attracted much attention and it is a clear testament of Wu Yifan’s charm. Today, 28 seconds preview MV of “There is a place” is released and it is full of suspense, stirring curiosity in the viewers.

This MV is supervised by the director of the movie: Xu Jinglei, this shows how much attention and efforts Xu has put for this MV. This preview not only includes movie clips to express the beautiful love, it also shows Wu Yifan’s acting skills. The crying scene of Wu Yifan and Wang Likun (his partner for this movie) leave many with deep impression. Viewers anticipate this movie and his acting. Something worth to be raised is that this is the first time that Wu sings a song as song writer. His soulful acting in the movie and MV are much anticipated. Besides, this MV preview highlights Wu’s filming under water: Wu who is in white, floats and struggles in the deep blue sea. Making people feel sad and wonderful at the same time.

The movie theme song is drawing much attention, so does Wu’s new single. After ‘There is a place’ theme MV is released, there is more than a million play within 50 minutes, and broke Weibo’s highest hits record.  Not only that,  hash tag with “There is a place theme song” hit 17 million reads.  All the amazing records show audience of the song’s ability to rally and also stirred much anticipation. According to other sources, the formal MV will be released soon.


Source xinhuanet

Trans by Grace @ Mr. Galaxy Fanfan’s house

Posted with minor editing by Tara Lee @ Mr. Galaxy Fanfan’s house


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