Wu Yifan Weibo Update, ‘It’s Like my Son’


它像个孩子一样,第一首自己的歌,第一次创作,第一次制作。生日快乐 Just For You #有一个地方主题曲# 送给每一个地方的每一个你,“有你在身旁,终于不再流浪”。


It just like my son, my first single, first creation, first production. Happy birthday Just For You Somewhere Only We Know OST is a present to Meigeni wherever you are. “Having you by my side, eventually can go home”

Listen to 有一个地方 here *by clicking the link you will leave this page


Source @Mr_凡先生

Posted and Trans by Tara Lee @ Mr. Galaxy Fanfan’s house


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