Wu Yifan Weibo Update,”Ni Hao,”


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Wu Yifan forwarded Baazar weibo


Hello @时尚芭莎[害羞]

@有一个地方只有我们知道 forwarded Wu Yifan weibo


Hello Ze Yang *Yifan’s character on Sowewhere Only We Know

*Baazar update rough trans

He is young confident, full of hope for the future, even more  he is unique, knows perfectly well what he wants, and the future he want to take. Blessed by God with has created for his own excellency which he knows how to treasure it, he is also hardworking as well. is success will still away from him be far behin? This is the very first time for Wu Yifan spoke to the media alone by accepting BAZAAR exclusive interview Hello, Wu Yifan. 

Baazar photo update

Baazar photo edit without watermark


gif min.a 2

Source @Mr_凡先生, @时尚芭莎, @大钰的意中人是个盖世英雄, @有一个地方只有我们知道, @纽扣菌, 吴杰超教徒_5eafan

Photo upload by Irenethrin @ Mr. Galaxy Fanfan’s house

Rough Trans and Posted by Tara Lee @ Mr. Galaxy Fanfan’s house

*Note: Weibo link only available to those who have weibo account


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